Solar Home Hybrid System

Solar Hybrid Critical Load 1,000 Watt System

Southland Eco's Solar Home provides clean power like utility-supplied electricity.

Solar GeneratorSouthland Eco's Solar Home Hybrid System by yellowblue™ will help conserve energy, save money, and protect the environment. Our state of the art Solar Hybrid System with battery backup saves you money 24/7 by working in conjunction with your existing power. The battery backup in our system is designed power your home's critical loads through any power outage or emergency. By utilizing solar power day and night while maintaining the support of your existing power grid, you get the best of both worlds!

What Will It Operate?

  • Refrigerator (17 cu. ft)
  • Freezer
  • Coffee Maker
  • Medical Devices (e.g. CPAP)
  • Counter Top Radio
  • (20) SW LED Lamps
  • LED/LCD Television (42")
  • (6) 4' T8 Style LED Lamps

*NOTE: When operating resistive heating devices, don't run more than 2 devices at a time.

What Does It Include:

  • 4 - 250 watt mono - crystalline solar panels
  • 2 - 14 ft long main rail
  • 4 - End mounting bracket
  • 6 - Each mid T - mounting brackets grounding hardware - bolt included
  • 8 - Shingle roof K Flashings
  • 1 - 6 Position combiner box with 2 15 amp DC breakers Midnight solar panel
  • 4 - Interconnect cables #12 with ends to connect power from solar panels box.
  • 2 - Solar Power dist. cable 75' long #12ga. stranded supplies solar panel to charge controller.
  • 1 - Charge controller Midnight classic lite 150
  • 1 - Magnum Energy ms 4048 Power Inverter
  • 2 - Magnum Energy mmp - mini magnum load centre
  • 1 - Magnum Energy - BP - mmp back plate
  • 6 - MK - Deca 12 volt 100 amp hour solar batteries - providing a 24 voe 300 amp reserve battery supply
  • 2 - Each 4/0 - 8' long - 1 Red and 1 black connection cable
  • 7 - Each 4/0 - 2' long battery interconnection cables

*NOTE: System is customizable and upgradable.

What Are The Optional Extras?

  • Solar Panels sold by the pair example 2 each
  • a 250 watt yellowblue™ Solar Panel with racking included
  • expandable to include more Solar Panels


  • Must be sold in pairs of 2 each
  • 2 each Deca 12 volt 100 amp hour
  • expandable to include unlimited batteries
  • additional inverters can be sequenced

Solar Powered Generators

Provides clean power just like from the electric company.

Solar GeneratorSouthland Eco's solar powered generators are state of the art products. We use pure sine wave as the output voltage wave form for our Solar Generators because it provides clean power just like it came from the electric company.

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Advantages listed below:

  • Inductive loads like microwave ovens and motors run faster, quieter and cooler.
  • Prevents crashes in computers, weird print out, and glitches and noise in monitors.
  • Reduces audible and electrical noise in fans, fluorescent lights, audio amplifiers, TV, Game consoles, Fax, and answering machines.
  • Laser printers, photocopiers, magneto-optical hard drives
  • Reliably powers the following devices that will normally not work with modified sine wave inverters:
    • Certain laptop computers (you should check with your manufacturer)
    • Power tools employing "solid state" power or variable speed control
    • Some fluorescent lights with electronic ballasts
    • Some battery chargers for cordless tools
    • Medical equipment such as oxygen concentrators
    • Digital clocks with radios
    • Sewing machines with speed/microprocessor control
    • Some new furnaces and pellet stoves with microprocessor control
    • X-10 home automation system

What are the benefits of using a pure sine wave inverter?

  • All equipment currently on the market is designed for use with sine waves.
  • Some appliances, particularly microwaves and variable speed motors, will not produce full output if they do not use sine wave power.
  • Other devices, particularly medical equipment may not function at all unless you use a pure sine wave inverter.
  • A true sine wave produces a much higher equivalent wattage compared to a modified sine wave power inverter. It is somehow believed that the more you will be using this type of inverter, the greater the variety of electrical devices and appliances you will be powering.

Southland Eco offers 2 different Solar Powered Generators

System 1A - Spec Sheet Download Link

  • LED Display
  • Sine Wave Inverter - 300 Watt
  • Battery - 36 Amp Hour
  • Solar Panel

System 1B - Spec Sheet Download Link

  • LED Display
  • Sine Wave Inverter - 300 Watt
  • Battery - 36 Amp Hour
  • Battery - 100 Amp Hour
  • 2 Solar Panels

e Sun™ Solar Lighting

Full Spectrum, Natrual Daylight Simulator

Solar Fan Enrich your life and start enjoying the benefits of Southland Eco e Sun's solar-powered, full spectrum, natrual sunlight which is a daylight simulator specifically designed for your home or office needs. Light up your life without the restrictions of tubular skylights. Southland Eco's e Sun™ solar powered lighting can save up to 80%, even if wired to the existing structures electrical system. In addition, we offer a battery back up system that can light up your home day or night when the power goes out. Southland Eco Independent Authorized Dealers can install your e Sun's lighting solutions virtually anywhere and on any floor.

Why install e Sun™ lighting systems?

1. Conserves energy on & off the grid.

2. Brighter, longer-lasting lighting solutions

3. Enjoy day or night without the cost or construction of traditional or tubular skylight.

4. Create a healthy happy bright environment with the same full light spectrum as sunlight.

5. No harmful ultraviolet rays to fade furniture or carpet therefore conserving your investment.

6. Helps keep the planet by conserving energy, saving money, & protecting the environment.

7. Engineered, designed, and made in America for quality and reliability.

8. Enjoy a better life when it's powered by the sun.

9. Can work day or night with the optional battery back-up power supply.

10. 25-year solar panel warranty & 10-year warranty for the lighting system.

Solar Fan

Lifetime Warranty

Southland Eco e Sun's Solar Powered Lighting System has Lifetime Warranty on the solar panel and a 10yr Warranty on the light which is the strongest in the industry.

30% Tax Credit

Southland Eco's e Sun™ qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit on materials and installation through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Download your application. Tax Credit Website

Designed by Experts

Southland Eco's e Sun™ was designed by experts in the art of Solar Hybrid Lighting Solutions.

Free to Operate - Powered by the Sun

For more on the yellowblue™ Solar Home Hybrid System. Click here.