LED Lighting

Enjoy high quality, energy efficient, and extremely durable state of the art lighting.

LED Lighting Southland Eco provides retrofit LED lighting.  Our products are state of the art, energy efficient, high quality and extremely durable.  Brighten your world with Southland Eco Tech's beautiful LED lights and save on utility bills by replacing your current incandescents, fluorescents, or HIDs. Our LED lamps use about half the electricity to run (depending on what type of bulb/lamp) compared to most fluorescent lights.  This is very important considering Energy costs for residential and commercial have increased approximately 40% in the past 10 years (U.S. Energy Information Administration – Independent Statistics and Analysis Report Jan 4, 2011)! Eliminate low light lamps that flicker and guzzle up extra energy and start enjoying Southland Eco Tech's beautiful, energy saving lights! Southland Eco Tech provides home owners with new bulbs that are 50% more efficient than fluorescent with guaranteed payback on your investment. For more info or a customized quote, please contact us at 469-421-1191.